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We now have two new pick-up locations

One of the downsides of running an ethical business is the constant nagging worry that you’re not doing enough, or that in your efforts to help people live a greener life you’re contributing to the problem. Deliveries is one such cause of worry for me. On the plus side, we’re helping so many people to shop plastic-free, but on the other hand we’re shipping the orders across the country in vans. So we’re very happy and excited to announce our new pick-ups scheme with two wonderful businesses who share our values already on board.

With our pick-up partners you can get your order delivered to them. This allows us to bundle orders together to reduce the carbon impact of each delivery and also reduce delivery costs.

We have two new partners already on board:

Foodprint in Sneinton, Notts are a fantastic social enterprise who collect food which would otherwise have been wasted and distribute it to those who need it most. They run a social supermarket where people can buy significantly reduced food. By choosing to collect your order there you are supporting their work as we give 5% of each order value to them. And because they’re able to pick-up from us as part of their normal collection schedule it is free for you to collect there and there’s no extra courier involved at all.

Apteekki at Melton Wellness House in Melton Mowbray is a medicinal eatery, juice bar, and nordic lifestyle space. They offer a cruelty-free plant-based dining experience. They are anti-waste and anti-plastic, making them the perfect partner for us.

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