Produce in cotton bags

Using your own packaging

You can send your own packaging to us to be refilled. We recommend using reusable fabric produce bags as they are light and therefore cheaper for you to post, and more easily cleanable.

Please ensure that any packaging that you send is clean and dry. Any packaging that arrives dirty and/or smelly will be disposed of as it poses a risk to the food packing environment.

You can also send back any packaging that we have sent you to be refilled as long as it is in good condition. If we don’t think it’s still strong enough to survive a return journey full of food we’ll replace it for you.

For any of your own packaging that we’re able to fill and return, we’ll give you 20p credit for your next order.

Example: you send us 10 bags, we’re able to fill 8 and use 2 of our bags to fulfill your order. We’ll give you 80p credit for your next order.

To send your own packaging, pop it in an envelope along with a note with your name and email address, and send it to Plastic Free Pantry, Unit 5, Morley Street, Daybrook, Notts, NG5 6JX. Don’t forget to pay the correct postage!

You can either place your order in advance of doing this, just write a note in the comments box at checkout that your packaging is on its way; or wait until we have your packaging (we’ll email you to let you know).

We do not take responsibility for the loss or damage of any packaging on its way to us but we’ll take good care of it once we have it 🙂