Using your own packaging

All single-use packaging, even if it’s recyclable or compostable, has an impact upon the environment. We’ve accepted people’s own packaging to be refilled for a while now but we’re really keen to encourage take up on this more and significantly reduce, and hopefully eventually eliminate completely the compostable and paper bags we also use. To achieve this, we’ve now set up a Freepost address so you can simply pop your packaging in to a postbox and when we receive it, we’ll fill it up with your order and send it back to you.

How it works:

  1. Make sure your reusable produce bags are clean and dry
  2. Pack them flat in an envelope. If you can get the package to less than 2cm in height that would really help us keep costs down. It should fit through a standard letterbox.
  3. On the front of the envelope, write clearly and legibly FREEPOST PLASTIC FREE PANTRY
  4. In the bottom left or right hand corner of the envelope, separately from the address so as not to hinder sorting, write your order number and return address
  5. When we receive your packaging we’ll fill it up with your order and send it back to you

Please do send:

  • Clean and dry bags of any material which pack flat

Please don’t send:

  • Boxes, jars, tins, tubs or anything which doesn’t pack flat (it costs us a lot more for parcels than flat large letters and so if the service becomes prohibitively expensive we’ll have to withdraw it)
  • Bags which are dirty or damp