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We hand pack our produce so it can take a few days to process your order. Typically this is around 2-3 days, and then we dispatch using a next day courier service. We tend to get most of our orders over the weekend so things can take a little longer at the beginning of the week when we’re catching up while orders received later in the week tend to go out much quicker. If you need your order please contact us and we’ll do our best to speed things up for you, although we can’t guarantee that we can but we’ll try to give you an estimate based on our current workload. Although please bear in mind that if everybody does this it will slow things down significantly!

We no longer operate our pre-order system but it seems to still be coming up in search even though that post has been deleted so please ignore that information. We now dispatch Monday-Friday which is a much quicker way of operating.

If an item you require is out of stock, please check back on a Tuesday as this is when new stock comes in. If we don’t have something listed which you would like, please fill in the product request form at the bottom of the website. We check it weekly when making our bulk order and we try to incorporate popular requests. We are vegan-owned and although we are very laid back about it and pass no judgment on those who aren’t vegan, we are committed to only stocking vegan produce so please bear that in mind when making requests.

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