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UK deliveries temporarily suspended (local Nottingham deliveries still going ahead)

As a result of the Covid19 pandemic we’re experiencing unprecedented demand and have a huge backlog of orders. We’re also seeing some of our suppliers hit by demand surges and suffer stock shortages because of changing purchasing habits. Therefore we’ve decided to suspend UK wide deliveries and only offer deliveries within our local community of Nottingham.

If you already have an order in with us, we’ll still get this out to you.

This will help us ensure that we can provide what our community needs but also reduce the burden on our suppliers and help ensure that essential supplies can be equally distributed.

This is a time for working together as a community. Independent shops across the country need you now more than ever and many of them are stepping up and offering local delivery services. We urge you to seek them out and support them.

If you’re a local independent business in Nottingham we’re keen to explore ways we can work together to build a resilient doorstep delivery service of essential goods. Get in touch if you’d like to be part of this.

We’re taking this situation day by day and may open up UK deliveries again once we’ve processed our orders and if our suppliers are in a better position. Until then, take care everybody.

With love and best wishes,

Kimberley & Adam

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “UK deliveries temporarily suspended (local Nottingham deliveries still going ahead)

  1. Would you consider making an alteration to this for vulnerable groups? I’m diabetic, my mother has Crohn’s and asthma, my father has asthma and emphysema. We normally do what ethical shopping we can with a supermarket online delivery, but I’ve just tried others and none of them have slots available. I would be prepared to send proof of our medical conditions. We’re at our wits end with tying to find a means to get supplies in. Big supermarkets might be doing opening hours especially for the elderly and vulnerable, but there’s still risk involved with that and my mother has no immune system due to the Crohn’s attacking it and her having to take immune suppressant drugs.

    1. Hi Melissa, I don’t know if you’re on our mailing list but we just re-opened to customers who have pre-existing accounts with us which I think you do as you’ve ordered before. You just need to log in to order

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