Whole wheat fusilli 500g


We’re really proud of this pasta. We make it in small batches using traditional bronze dies to cut the pasta which gives it a better texture for sauce to cling to. We then slowly dry it at low temperature to preserve all the goodness in the grains.

We use the finest British organic heritage grain wheat, freshly milled in Northumberland.

Heritage grains are those which have naturally adapted to the growing conditions of the UK. Most wheat has been selectively bred for yield, but requires intensive farming techniques which damage the soils while planting large mono-crops which can mean whole crops is lost to disease or climate change. The natural diversity inherent in heritage grains offer better soil protection and better resilience to disease and climate change. If we’re to continue feeding ourselves as a planet, supporting small scale farmers growing heritage grain wheat is vital.

The result is a pasta which is rich in flavour and kind to the planet.

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Organic wholemeal wheat flour, organic stoneground semolina flour

Allergens: contains wheat, gluten

Cooking instructions

Bring a pot of salted water up to boil. When the pot is boiling, add the pasta and reduce the heat to medium. Cook the pasta for 6-8 minutes. Drain to serve


Allergy information

All products are packed in a facility which handles soy, wheat, gluten, nuts including tree nuts and peanuts, mustard, and sesame. We take care to store produce safely and keep regulated allergens seperate from other products. All produce is weighed directly in to packaging with individual scoops, however we use the same scales for multiple products (the products do not touch the surface of the scales). If you have a known allergy, you can enter this information at the checkout stage so that we're aware of it while packing up your order.