Tiger nuts

£8.00 - £9.00 / kg

Tiger nuts are actually not nuts at all but tubers from a type of grass which makes them perfect for people with nut allergies. They make a delicious creamy milk and are basis of the popular horchata de chufa drink in Spain. These tiger nuts are unpeeled, wash before use. Organically produced.

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Comes to us in: 5kg plastic sack

We send it to you in: paper

Allergy information

All products are packed in a facility which handles soy, wheat, gluten, nuts including tree nuts and peanuts, mustard, and sesame. We take care to store produce safely and keep regulated allergens seperate from other products. All produce is weighed directly in to packaging with individual scoops, however we use the same scales for multiple products (the products do not touch the surface of the scales). If you have a known allergy, you can enter this information at the checkout stage so that we're aware of it while packing up your order.