Whole wheat fusilli

We’re starting our own small scale dried pasta production to create 100% plastic-free pasta and we need your help!

We’re asking for: £15,000.00

So far you’ve helped us raise: £4,638.77

Number of backers: 153

We still need: £10,361.23

Time until the fundraiser ended: The campaign ended 3 months, 16 days, 21 hours, 1 minute, 43 seconds ago

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Why are we doing this?

For a long time the largest size of bulk pasta we could get was 5kg and that came in a plastic sack. We asked around and it seemed that really was the best available, and so we reasoned with ourselves that at least it was better than people buying the individual bags in supermarkets which come in an unrecyclable plastic film. At least the pasta sacks we were getting were made of a recyclable plastic. But then through another zero waste shop we found a distributor who had negotiated with a pasta producer in Italy to pack pasta in hessian sacks lined with paper. Plastic-free pasta at long last, well that is if you exclude all of the plastic wrap on the pallet it was delivered on, but still a significant leap in the right direction.

This hessian packaged pasta went down a storm and it sold out incredibly quickly. So of course we really sad when we went to place a second order and were told that the pasta manufacturer had stopped packing it that way as it was too time consuming. Initially this was to be a short break, but when we followed up we were told there would be no more plastic-free pasta for the foreseeable future.

You see most large scale pasta production is done using large machines which automatically cut the pasta in to shapes, dry it, and then pack and seal it in to plastic bags. It’s a huge change for these manufacturers to switch away from plastic when that’s what their whole process is set up for.

So back we went to the searching, and still coming up with nothing. We asked you, our customers, if we should go back to the 5kg plastic sacks or wait until we could find plastic-free pasta and 70% said wait. It’s just too hard to go back to plastic once you’ve seen the alternative is possible, even if a modern pasta factory can’t handle it.

Then one day we had the idea of making our own pasta. Admittedly it’s a little audacious, but we started our own coffee roastery because we couldn’t find the coffee we wanted, and we started Plastic Free Pantry because we couldn’t buy plastic-free food – creating solutions to our own problems and setting up businesses to share them with others is what we do.

That’s where you come in! We’ve done the research and found the equipment we need – a professional pasta machine and drying rack. But as we’re a small social enterprise and reinvest everything we make in to expanding our offering, we don’t have a lot of capital to buy the machine up front. So we’re asking for your help to invest in this equipment so we can bring pasta back, 100% plastic-free from the beginning.

We’ve priced up the equipment we need to set up a small scale pasta production facility and we’re going to buy it. To help fund it, we’re pre-selling the pasta we’ll produce at a significant saving on the retail price once it’s on general sale, and you’ll get first dibs (well once we’ve tried it to make sure it’s perfect of course!).

You can buy a little to try out what we make, or purchase a lot – you don’t have to get all of what you order delivered at once if you want to buy enough for a couple of months at the special pre-order price then spread out your deliveries.

We expect to have our first pasta ready for shipping by the end of May 2019. If our plan does fail, you’ll be refunded completely. But we’ve done this twice before, so we’re fairly confident we can do it.

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1.5kg of pasta (£10.00)
1.5kg pasta of your choice, including delivery. We'll contact you when it's ready to be sent so you can add to your delivery to save on delivery costs

7kg of pasta (£25.00)
7kg pasta of your choice, including delivery. We'll contact you when it's ready to be sent so you can add to your delivery to save on delivery costs

16kg of pasta (£50.00)
16kg pasta of your choice, including delivery. We'll contact you when it's ready to be sent so you can add to your delivery to save on delivery costs.

35kg of pasta (£100.00)
35kg pasta of your choice, including delivery. We'll contact you when it's ready to be sent so you can add to your delivery to save on delivery costs.

150kg of pasta (£300.00)
150kg pasta of your choice, including delivery. This is a special wholesale price for zero waste shops, caterers, or just pasta addicts looking for genuine completely plastic-free pasta. If you're a shop, we'll also list you on our website as a shop selling our plastic-free loose pasta.

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Estimated date of first pasta being ready: late May 2019. Backers will receive their pasta in order of signing up and before it goes on general sale. 

If for any reason we’re unable to deliver on this project you will be fully refunded. We will notify you of any significant delays in production and keep you up to date on progress.

Will you be making gluten-free pasta?

Our very first few batches of pasta will be made from brown rice flour so we can stockpile gluten-free pasta before any wheat goes near the machine. We’re also experimenting with British split pea pasta so we hope to be able to add that to the range too. We’ll then get started on our wheat pasta. 


Will your pasta be suitable for vegans?

Yes! Everything we sell is suitable for vegans

What varieties will you make? 

To start off with we’re buying bronze dies to cut spaghetti, fusilli, and penne. These will be available in brown rice pasta, white durum wheat pasta, or whole wheat pasta.

If I order other things at the same time as pre-ordering pasta will I have to wait for my whole order to be ready?

No, delivery is included in the cost of the pasta and it will be sent on when it’s ready. If you checkout with other items in your basket, they’ll be sent as normal. When your pasta is ready, we’ll contact you and give the chance to add extra items to  your order to save on further delivery costs with your next order.

I want to collect from you in Nottingham, do I still have to pay delivery charges?

No, email us at shop@plasticfreepantry.co.uk and we’ll give you a voucher code to remove the delivery

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