Finca El Arcangel coffee from Bolivia

£26.00 - £30.00 / kg

One of the very first lots produced by the Rodriquez family at Finca El Arcangel. A sweet and syrupy coffee with cherry, peach yoghurt and vanilla flavours.

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A very exciting coffee as it is from one of the very first lots produced by the Rodriquez family at Finca El Arcangel. The 10 hectare farm located in the Bolinda community was only planted in 2015, meaning we’re lucky enough to stock some of this family’s earliest productions from the farm.

Formerly an accountant, Pedro Rodriquez moved to the coffee industry around 30 years ago to pursue his passion. Over the last 10 years he has built up his business Agricafe whose aim is to foster long-lasting connections with coffee producers in the area after discovering the country’s potential for creating fantastic speciality coffee.

Caturra is the main variety planted on the farm which is surrounded by lots of native forest that provides shade to the plants, but Bourbon and Typica is grown here too. After picking, the cherries are transported to the Buena Vista mill in Caranavi to be processed as there is no wet mill at Finca El Arcangel. Temperature controlled air dryers are used to dry the coffee as the region is very humid and experiences long periods of rain. The drying method used is very gentle and even mimics natural sun drying as the machine is turned off overnight to let the coffee rest. In order to allow the moisture in the coffee to equalise, all of the coffee is pre-dried on raised beds for three days.

The high altitude leads to a higher concentration of sugars in the coffee cherries and beans, as they mature slower due to the more stable temperatures at this level. The result is a sweet and syrupy coffee with gorgeous fruity undertones.