Citric acid

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Citric acid is a fantastic addition to every pantry with its excellent antibacterial cleaning properties and uses in cooking. This citric acid is food grade and high quality. It is comprised of a fine white powder.


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Ways to use citric acid around the home:

To use as a surface cleaner, dilute in water at a ration of 1 part citric acid to 9 parts water.

Put a tablespoon in your dishwasher without detergent to get classes and crockery clean and remove any detergent spots or grease film

Clean windows with 1 tablespoon citric acid diluted in a litre of water

Descale your kettle by filling it with water and bringing to the boil, then adding 2 tablespoons citric acid and leaving it to sit in the hot water for 20 minutes

Add 1 teaspoon of citric acid to 500ml water to create a hair rinse which will remove waxy build-up you might get from transitioning to a solid shampoo, without the strong vinegar smell you get from an apple cider vinegar rinse

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