Biork natural potassium crystal deodorant stick


Natural crystal deodorant stick by Biork.

Potassium crystal is a mineral compound made up of alum and potassium crystals – a completely natural product which has been used as a deodorant for centuries. It works by slowing down the production of bacteria to reduce unpleasant odours while allowing the skin to breathe and perspire naturally.

It comes in a natural cork container, certified as completely plastic-free by Flustix. Cork is a renewable resource and is recommended by nature conservation associations. One single natural cork alone binds eight grams of the greenhouse gas CO2. In addition, cork helps to preserve one of the most biologically diverse habitats in Portugal.

This is a natural anti-bacterial product, perfect for all types of skin – even the most sensitive.

100% natural, vegetable, hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, no animal testing, no aluminium chlorides.

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How to use your deodorant:

Apply the crystal to your armpits when they are slightly damp, or slightly moisten the tip before applying.

After application, gently dry the tip and replace the cover.

Keeping the stick dry when not in use will preserve its life. The stick will last a long time (far longer than most commercial deodorants) so although it has a high upfront cost, it represents great value for money over its lifetime.

Allergy information

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