Bereh Meriah, Indonesia


Raspberry and tamarind with a cedar spice and dark chocolate smoky body.



This coffee was grown by members of the Mandheling coffee group working in the Regency of Bereh Meriah near Tingkem. The group is made up of 400 farmers spread over 450 hectares, growing their coffee in the rich and fertile soils. This soil type combined with the climate allow for the perfect growing conditions of coffee giving the rich and full-bodied, spicy, smokey coffees associated with the region.

Mandheling represents all Arabica coffee grown in this area and is named after the Mandailing people who produce coffee in the Tapanuli region. Group members of the group receive training to help them produce the best coffee possible. Part of their training also teaches farmers about conservation of the natural environment, looking at measures to improve soil health, reduce, erosion, waste management, as well as creating a safe working environment.

Once the coffee is picked it undergoes a 12-hour fermentation process before then being dried for 1-2 days to around 35-40% moisture, hulled, and then further dried before being transported to Medan where it is finally dried down to 13% moisture. This long drying out process and Giling Basah processing which is unique to Indonesia creates the spicy coffee that the region is renowned for.

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Tim tim


Giling Basah




Cedar, Dark chocolate, Raspberry, Smoky, Spicy, Tamarind


1150 – 1450 metres above sea level

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