Arborio (risotto) rice 1kg


Arborio rice plumps up and soaks flavours well when cooked making it perfect for delicious risotto, paella, and rice pudding. Organically produced.

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Origin: Italy

Comes to us in: 25kg bulk sack, woven plastic

We send it to you in: home compostable film (natureflex)

How to cook

Whether you’re making risotto or rice pudding, the key to perfect arborio rice is patience. Cook it slowly and gently, adding moisture a little at a time so the rice slowly absorbs it and releases the natural starches which make it so deliciously creamy, and keep on stirring it slowly so the grains don’t clump or stick to the pan.

Typical composition per 100g

 Energy1448kJ / 346kcal
Of which saturates0.2g
Of which sugars0.3g

Allergy information

All products are packed in a facility which handles soy, wheat, gluten, nuts including tree nuts and peanuts, mustard, and sesame. We take care to store produce safely and keep regulated allergens seperate from other products. All produce is weighed directly in to packaging with individual scoops, however we use the same scales for multiple products (the products do not touch the surface of the scales). If you have a known allergy, you can enter this information at the checkout stage so that we're aware of it while packing up your order.