Altos de Erapuca x Eratoi decaffeinated coffee


A delicious blend of organic decaffeinated coffees from Honduras and East Timor. Red cherry and dark chocolate with hints of crystalised ginger and pepper spice


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This blend takes two organic coffees which perfectly complement each other – a fruity coffee from East Timor and a more mellow, smooth bean from Honduras.

The Honduran coffee was grown on Finca de Erapuca by Carlos Refrain Paz Sevilla. Although this is a newly established farm, Carlos is an experienced farmer. Here on the slopes of Honduras’ second highest mountain Carlos is farming in a way that protects the land for future generations, operating to organic and Rainforest Alliance certification standards.

The East Timor beans were grown in the village of Eratoi by 42 small-holders, led by Senhor Laurentino Soares. The coffee is hand-picked at perfect ripeness and processed using traditional pulping equipment before being sun-dried and dry-milled after a 30 day curing process.

The coffee was decaffeinated using a gentle sparkling water process which uses carbon dioxide to remove the caffeine while preserving much of the coffee’s taste and aroma.

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East Timor, Honduras


Hybrid de Timor, Typica






1300 – 1700 metres above sea level

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