Plastic Free July

Our daily tips, links, and articles to help you get through the month without plastic

Day 1: new stuff! We're starting the month with some new plastic free products to help you make the switch. We have delicious new nut butters and a pumpkin seed spread made with love by Butterbelle in Shropshire. We also have some exciting new products from Hodmedod - British grown beans and pulses which will be arriving with us early this week so stay tuned for those. Anything you're struggling to find as you quit plastic? Let us know via 

Day 2: Meet the team!

It's day 2 of #PlasticFreeJuly and we thought we'd introduce the team and tell you about our own personal commitments for the month. We are (left to right): - Charlotte (our newest member who joined us today!): "Starting with Plastic-free Pantry has given me the opportunity to really commit to a plastic-free lifestyle. This month I will be focusing on ditching beauty products that use plastic and finding alternatives. I also want to work toward composting food waste." - Kim: "Lunch and dental care are the plastic battle grounds I'm currently losing on, so I'd like to spend this month building better lunch habits so I can quit ready-made sandwiches for good and try some plastic free toothpaste. Maybe I'll find one I love enough to stock on Plastic Free Pantry!" - Jess: "This month I'll be attempting to totally avoid all single-use plastic! This means finding better alternatives for everyday items but also avoiding all plastic when shopping, buying food and going out and about." #plasticfreejuly #plasticfree #zerowadte #plasticfreepantry #plasticfreepantryuk

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Day 3: kitchen cleaning & organisation

For #plasticfreejuly day 3 we're looking at kitchen cleaning & organisation. What plastic free swaps have you found for things like cleaning products, cling film, Tupperware for storing food? What are you struggling with? Here are some swaps we've found: . - fabric cleaning sponges instead of plastic based sponges. Stop washing micro-plastics down your sink by switching those foam kitchen sponges for fabric based ones. They're fairly easy to make with coarse fabric and stuffing if you can sew, or you can buy them from makers such as @thezerowastemaker. . - extend the life of your scrubbing brush by putting it in the dish washer or washing the bristles occasionally. When it's time to replace it, wooden brushes are available. . - you can freeze food in glass jars, just make sure you leave plenty of room for the food to expand. . - instead of buying a new spray bottle of cleaner every time one runs out you can refill an empty one if you have a refill shop near you, or make your own cleaner with white vinegar and lemon juice. Some people use the peel but I've found it causes the pump to clog so reduces the life of the bottle. You could soak the peel in the vinegar overnight then strain the vinegar in to the bottle to get the benefits of citrus without clogging your pump. And cleaner is cleaner, you don't really need a different one for every job! . - fabric wraps made with soywax, or beeswax if you're not vegan, is a great alternative to cling film for wrapping things. Or for just storing food in the fridge or heating in the microwave, cover a bowl with a plate or a plate with an upside down bowl. . Tell us your kitchen swaps or ask for advice below #PlasticFreeJuly #plasticfree #zerowaste #kitchen #ecoliving #plasticfreepantryuk #plasticfreepantry

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Day 4: For sharing Wednesday we shared A Zero Waste Life who give practical advice for zero waste living, easy to follow recipes, and also run hands-on workshops.


It's day 4 of #PlasticFreeJuly and each Wednesday this month we plan on sharing the love and telling you about a blogger/Instagrammer/etc we love. To be honest this is hard, the online plastic free community is full of wonderful people helping people quit plastic and reduce their waste. But we'll try... . Today we're sharing @azerowastelife. We love their friendly, approachable, and practical style and we really really love how when you land on their site they have this graphic that shows you how much of certain items such as cups and carrier bags they've avoided so far. This really gets across the idea that the little things add up. They have great recipes which are really easy to make and lots of practical tips. . Which bloggers/Instagrammers/YouTubers etc really inspire you in your journey to living plastic free? #PlasticFreeJuly #zerowaste #plasticfree

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Day 5: Favourite plastic free meals.



Day 7: Celebrating the first week! Quitting plastic is hard, don't forget to celebrate the wins and be kind to yourself.



Day 9: How much plastic is in your laundry? 



Day 10: A belated one week review of our personal pledges!

It's time for a slightly belated update on our personal #PlasticFreeJuly pledges! . Kim: I've managed to have a plastic free lunch everyday and although what I've eaten has been quite simple & easy to make, it's been far tastier than any ready made sandwich and I've made time to step away from work to eat it too so it's having a really positive impact on my day. On the dental hygiene front, I've been trying a new bamboo toothbrush but the bristles are too soft for my liking. I'm trying a different brand every time I need to replace my toothbrush so hopefully I'll find the right one for me. I'm just coming to the end of a tube of Euthymol which is mostly plastic free - it's an aluminium tube with plastic lid. I'm keen to try something with fluoride next so I'll be trying dentabs which I'm going to order from @anythingbutplastic . . Jess: This week was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be! Food shopping has been great between what I can buy at the supermarket, Plastic Free Pantry, my local international food store and fruit and veg shop. The only unavoidable hiccups this week have been having to replace my broken phone charger cable, a plaster and the plastic top on my carton of organic Oatly milk (well the last one was avoidable but sadly I didn’t notice the plastic lid on top of the carton packaging, doh). For the phone charger cable I did order a much sturdier replacement so it will hopefully live a long and happy life and I won’t have to replace it again, but it did arrive inside a little plastic bag inside the external cardboard box. Working in a food environment the plaster was unavoidable after cutting my finger too. Hopefully next week I’ll manage totally single-use plastic free! . Charlotte: A week in and I've found quite a few plastic free beauty products like a shampoo bar from FriendlySoap. My partner (yes, even he's on board!) found toilet roll in compostable packaging from @vspotveganshop and my favourite find by far (which will be bought when it is back in stock) the naked foundation stick from Lush. Loving the satisfaction from finding products without contributing to single use plastic waste. #PlasticFreeJuly

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Day 11: Wednesday share day - we're sharing this great video from Kate Arnell's Ecoboost channel