Product packaging

Our product packaging depends on the item and the pack size, but it’s never plastic. We use recycled paper bags, glass jars, and Natureflex bags which are made from plants and break down completely in home compost in 12-16 weeks. If you don’t have a compost heap you can either put it in your food scraps bin if your council offers a food waste collection, bury it in your garden, or collect them up and return them to us to feed our compost bin (we’ll give you store credit for the postage costs).

Use your own produce bags

You can use your own clean & dry produce bags. To do this, first email us and we’ll give you the mailing address. Make sure you include your name and postcode in the envelope. When we receive it we’ll send you an email, including a voucher code to cover the cost of postage which you can then apply to your order. Place your order as normal and we’ll use your bags before sending it all back to you along with the envelope you sent it if it’s still in usable condition so you can use it again next time.

Postal packaging

We use cardboard boxes and shredded paper/cardboard to protect items. The packing tape we use is heavy duty paper, however we often re-use boxes which come to us and so there may be plastic tape holding together the bottom of the box if it came to us that way as re-using something is far better than replacing it just for the sake of it.