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During the month of May we’ve teamed up with Sweat Pledge and made a big scary pledge to run 100km and pick up 100 pieces of litter during the month and we want you to join us in whatever way you can.

Sweat Pledge was started by Kajsa Tylen following her Guinness World Record winning year spent riding her bike. While pedalling away to win the accolade of most miles cycled by a woman in a year, Kajsa asked people to donate not money but swear by pledging to do any physical activity in support of her, whether that be walking, cycling, swimming, running… 5km or 5,000…anything that gets you sweating.

With the trend of plogging picking up pace in the UK we want to extend this sweat pledge concept to tidying up our local communities. Plogging involves picking up litter while jogging and I, Kim, founder of Plastic-free Pantry have pledged to run 100 km during May and pick up 100 pieces of litter.

Will you pledge to support me and do some plogging of your own? You don’t need to match my distance or litter count, or even run. You could walk 5km and pick up 5 pieces, or cycle 1,000 and pick up 1,000, or any other combination of activity and litter. Everybody who completes their pledge by the end of May,  no matter how big or small will be entered in to a draw to win a £30 plastic free food hamper.

To pledge, head on over to sweatpledge.com and create an account. Set your pledge in support of PlasticFreePantry and then getting sweating and litter picking.

You can see our sweat pledge profile here.

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