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My top 7 online zero waste stores!

Plastic free cleaning ingredients

Since embarking on my own zero-waste journey, I’ve come across lots of plastic free and zero waste online shops in the search for more ethical products. Here’s a round-up of my personal favourites – they’re all a bit different in ethos and products so keep reading to find the ones that align best with your own values and lifestyle!


Anything But Plastic

Anything But Plastic's logoAnything But Plastic was the first shop I came across at the beginning of my zero waste journey and made me realise plastic-free alternatives were actually a thing and that maybe living a more sustainable life was possible! From cleaning balms to beauty products, Jenny does her own sustainability breakdown that focuses not only on plastic but gives a rating to each ingredient/material that makes up the product. Thanks to her checklist and religious research, customers can make fully informed choices about what they buy. She covers: What does it replace? Why is it better? Is it worth it? Material ratings.


Zero Waste Path Shop

Zero Waste Path Shop's logoZWP Shop is run by Bianca and Giulio, two sustainability graduates committed to living a more conscious life. They have quite the history of zero waste living, and Bianca has even done a Ted talk on the topic. What I love about their site is their company trash jar – they’re very transparent about what (little) trash their business makes, how they acquired the equipment/materials they need, and their supply chain. All of their products are 100% handmade, natural, vegan, plastic-free and palm-oil-free, and the Zero Waste Path blog has lots of handy tips for people wanting to live a more sustainable life.


The Kind Store

The Kind Store's logoIf only The Kind Store’s ethos was the norm! Kind to animals, kind to you, and kind to the planet, this business really has everything covered. They only work with 100% vegan companies who don’t test on animals, all of the products they list are made from 100% natural ingredients in small batches by independent businesses (almost all from the UK) and they source zero waste where possible (in recyclable packaging where not). Their website has an abundance of articles and zero waste FAQs, but what really appeals to me is the thoughtful gift collections not typical on many other sites and the fact that they donate 10% of profits to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary.




Acala's logoAcala offers a large range of organic, vegan beauty and wellness brands online, as well as DIY beauty products for those wanting to get creative! They aim to become entirely zero waste and believe that we shouldn’t just be trying to reduce the amount of natural resources that we consume, but also adjust our mindset to think more about the needs of the planet as well as our own. They have tested their own carbon footprint and are working to offset their business emissions by investing in a plastic neutral scheme (though they don’t use plastic themselves) and teaming up with Carbon Footprint to support their program fighting deforestation of the Amazonian rainforest and increasing biodiversity. They even donate 5% of profits to Friends of the Earth and attend various events and markets in London for anyone in the area!


Wearth London

Wearth's logoWearth partner with UK brands offering premium eco-friendly and ethical products, with approximately 80% of the products on the site being made in the UK. All of their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, ranging from jewellery to furniture and homewares. The clincher however is the option to shop by values: plastic-free, made in the UK, vegan, handcrafted, natural ingredients, recyclable packaging, recycled materials, social contribution, and sustainable materials. Their Eco Inspo section also has tonnes of great articles covering lifestyle, tips and guest blogs.




Plastic Freedom

Plastic Freedom's logoPlastic Freedom is a must when it comes to plastic free essentials such as toothbrushes and reusable bottles. Beth started her ‘plastic resistance’ when she realised that the vast majority of consumers don’t actually buy plastic because it is plastic, but because in many cases it is simply the only option available. She is very active on social media and her blog where she provides endless plastic-free inspiration, and is always offering advice through her Instagram for people that are just getting started. I’d definitely recommend you follow her if you’re only just dipping your toes into the world of living plastic-free.


The Zero Waste Maker

The Zero Waste Maker's logoOktavia is a Nottingham-based costume maker making recycled everyday products from scrap fabrics that would otherwise have been sent to landfill. Her beautiful handcrafted products are more often than not unique as a result, and she tries to tell the story of each fabric too where possible. She makes dish sponges, facial cleansing pads, bowl covers, produce bags etc. from the material she recovers. She also takes any scrap pieces that cannot be reused to recycling centres so that they don’t end up stuck with general waste where they cannot biodegrade.




Do you have any favourites that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “My top 7 online zero waste stores!

  1. How marvellous that the old fashioned way of buying products is now being re-invented, I am 74 and remember having milk and ice cream delivered to the door and you used your own container, and I fully support anything which reduces the amount of plastic /excess packaging , but we have become used to relying on sell-by dates and full list of ingredients on so many things , so how is this being tackled ?

  2. Oooh also I love following too because they sell lots of plastic free goodies but also are really informative and open discussion on all sorts of topics. It’s run by sisters and they both seem to really know what they’re talking about which is great.

  3. What you’re doing is AMAZING! Finding an organisation like yours that is UK based is brilliant. I love that you have a Vegan section too, so helpful. Thank you

  4. If you’re looking for a U.S. based store, then check out Miami based and full of goodies! #giveupplasticmia

  5. is a good resource for reusable products and ecofriendly alternatives to single use plastic.
    Good article on chewing gum, I never knew it contained plastic!!

  6. The Slow Living Company is another online Zero Waste store that’s not on your list, they have recently launched and definitely worth checking out –

  7. Thank you for gathering this information together and timely with Xmas approaching 😃 great to know these companies are out there. So far I’ve bought from Cosy Cottage and Peace with the Wild

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