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Introducing buying groups


By popular demand we now support buying groups. Lots of you are buying as a group already to save on delivery costs. We’ve now made it possible for you to set up a group on our website so that each member can order and pay individually rather than one person having to place and pay for everybody’s order. Each group will have a specified cut-off date to get orders in. This can be monthly or quarterly depending on the group’s needs.

Our discount levels are as follows:

Over £100 total group order: 5%

Over £125: 6%

Over £150: 7%

Over £175: 8%

£200+ 10%

This can also be combined with our 10 for 10 discount so why not form a litter-picking group too!

For delivery charges, see our delivery information page. Costs are applied per group. If the whole group reaches the free delivery cut-off, no charges are applied. If the group doesn’t hit the free delivery level, charges are shared among the group.

Group members will be able to place their individual order before the group cut-off date, and will be charged individually. Once the cut-off date has passed, the group orders will be packed up and delivered to the host’s address to be collected by the members. Buying groups are closed groups and membership must be approved by the group host.

To start your own group, fill in the form on our sign-up page 

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