How it works

Ordering from us is easy.

  1. Select your products and how much you’d like and add it to basket
  2. Check out and select your delivery option – either collecting from us here in Daybrook, Notts or by having your order delivered to you
  3. You’ll receive an order complete notification once your order is ready and on its way. This usually takes 1-2 working days but can be up to 4 working days during exceptionally busy times (typically Christmas, January, and July)


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Cardboard box filled with produceAll of our packaging materials are plastic free. We use Kraft paper bags for most dried produce and home compostable plant film for dried fruit, spices, nuts and ground coffee. If you get a clear bag in your order which looks suspiciously like plastic, it is this home compostable film.

We’ve tested the plant film in our own compost and it takes 12-16 weeks to break down. If you don’t have a compost bin you can tear it up and bury it in the ground if you have your own garden, or you’re welcome to return it to us and we’ll add it to our own.

The Kraft paper bags can be recycled if they have not absorbed oils from the food, or composted otherwise.

We use cardboard boxes and paper tape to send your packages, and sometimes use paper padding to add a little cushioning to the boxes. Some of this padding is reused from parcels we receive or the paper sacks which our bulk produce comes in. If you have a food allergy please let us know in the notes at checkout and we won’t use any produce sacks from allergens to pack your order.

Allergen information

Lentils being poured into a paper bagWe work in a small facility and handle wheat gluten, nuts (including tree nuts and peanuts), sesame, and soya in the same packing area. As a vegan owned business we do not store or handle products containing milk, eggs, or shell fish but many of our suppliers also store or handle these products.

We store allergens and free-from products separately in air tight containers and pack directly into the bags that we send the produce out in using separate labelled scoops. In between handling allergens we take care to clean down and sanitise our packing area before packing again.

We reuse paper produce sacks to pad boxes but store those used for known allergens separately. If you would like allergen-free box padding please add this to the order notes section during checkout.

We have a Food Standards Agency rating of 5, the highest possible rating. If you require any further information about allergens please contact us at