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Homemade proper crisps

I’ve been obsessed with finding crisps since quitting plastic. Crisps my favourite naughty snack, made all the more tempting by seeing them everywhere but not being able to buy them. I’ve tried making them at home many times but never been able to cut them thin enough – until I realised that the answer is in my cheese grater! If you have a typical 4 sided cheese grater, then you too are just a few short steps away from proper crisps as one of those sides most likely contains a slicer.

Cheese grater with potato slices


Here’s what you need

  • Cooking oil (sunflower or rapeseed is best. The latter is more readily available in glass bottles). Enough to fill your pan around 1/3rd full (no more as it’ll bubble up when you add the potatoes)
  • Potatoes – depends on how many crisps you want! I work on a 1 medium potato = 1 portion basis
  • Your cheese grater

If your cheese grater doesn’t have a slicing side then you can attempt to slice them really, really thin with a knife.


  1. Heat up your oil in a heavy pan
  2. Meanwhile chop the end off your potatoes and then rub the flat end against the grater. Don’t put too much pressure on or you’ll end up with chunky bits at the end.
  3. Check if your oil is hot enough by adding just a little of the potato and seeing if it sizzles. If it does, add the potato slices. If not, wait a little longer until it’s hot. You want the oil really hot, otherwise you’ll get soggy chips. Remove your tester piece of potato
  4. When the oil is ready, gently add your potato slices. Don’t overfill the pan – you can do them in batches if you have a lot. You want enough room for them to move and not clump together
  5. Cook for around 3 minutes until very slightly golden
  6. Remove and try to spread them out as much as you can while cooling so the oil can drain well. You could place them on a clean tea towel or spread out over a baking tray

That’s it, you have crisps! How you season them depends on your taste. I like just salt on mine, but you could also make your own salt & vinegar, paprika, or any flavour you fancy.







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