Whole wheat fusilli

Help us put plastic-free pasta back on the menu!

We’ve not been able to get pasta for a few weeks now. Originally it came in 5kg plastic sacks, and from talking to others that’s the best currently available. But then we found a supplier who could send it in hessian and paper, and it was glorious! But alas it proved too time consuming to pack them by hand. You see most modern pasta production is done with large machines, and packed and sealed automatically in to plastic bags. Packing by hand proved too time consuming for them.

But fear not, for we have a plan! We are taking matters in to our own hand and setting up our own micro pasta production, designed to be plastic-free from the beginning!

It’s a bit of an audacious plan, and we need your support. Are you in? Join the mailing list to hear when our plastic-free pasta crowdfunder launches.

Spoiler alert: all the rewards are pasta!