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Delivery price changes

As of today, Friday 5th October, our delivery prices have changed. We review prices for everything constantly and unfortunately we’re just not able to shoulder the costs of delivery any longer. Previously delivery cost us far more than we were charging for it, and for smaller orders in particular it just wasn’t sustainable to continue subsidising delivery.

There is of course no such thing as free delivery, that cost has to be covered somewhere. However the internet has left us disconnected from the true cost of delivery in the same way supermarkets have disconnected us from the true cost of food. Amazon loses billions in delivery each year, offering free or cheap delivery at rates they can’t sustain because their business model is to be cheaper than elsewhere until there is no more elsewhere and Amazon is the only choice.

The closest model to what we’re doing is supermarket delivery. We don’t have our own vans, we utilise existing delivery networks instead. But like supermarkets we sell lots of items which have a very low mark-up, and even they with their shareholders and millions of profits very rarely have free delivery. Often they have a minimum order for delivery as the small orders cost the most to send – they still require resources to pick and pack them but the small number of items means they don’t make much money on the box. We don’t have a minimum order, but for smaller orders we do now have to charge near the full cost of delivery (it actually costs us even more so we’re still subsidising it a little).

We are of course a social enterprise and exist to serve the need of reducing plastic and helping people access plastic-free food, but we are still a business and if we can’t cover our costs then we’ll soon be a former business who tried but failed. We’re not in this to get rich and sell out, but we do have our own bills to pay.

We are in the process of re-negotiating our delivery charges with our couriers as we’re sending double the amount that they originally quoted us for, and we will of course pass that on to you. We also recently negotiated a bulk discount from our main supplier as we order in such big quantities from them, and passed that on to you by reducing most of our food prices.

We still offer a 10% discount for picking litter, and still have a free delivery available for those doing a big shop and buying in bulk which is the most environmentally-friendly option as well as the most economical for you. We also have many customers who group up with others and buy together to hit the free delivery level which we’d strongly encourage you to do.


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