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Coffee 101

Different types of coffee

While most of us love our caffeine fixes, coffee can be a source of real confusion for the average ‘joe’… sorry. Luckily for us, Kim has owned The Roasting House for a few years now and really knows her stuff, so here’s our quick guide to navigating the wondrous world of coffee!


Results: a bold, strong shot of coffee brewed under high pressure
Best for: the traditional Italian ‘go-to’, espressos are perfect for those who love a sharp, concentrated (and snappy) caffeine hit

Stovetop moka potMoka pot

Results: a very similar result to espresso machines but with a little more body
Best for: a pot takes a bit longer than a machine but is also cheaper, so great for those who still want their coffee to be a bit of a ritual but still love a good espresso


Results: a very clean, rich coffee that you can experiment a lot with to get just right
Best for: great for those coffee aficionados who like a more measurable approach to brewing, and you can even get metal filters to save on the waste

FilterFilter apparatus

Results: a more subtle coffee that really picks up on the more nuanced flavours
Best for: those who love the ease of a filter machine or a great coffee that isn’t so intense as other methods (if opting for pour over style and not a machine make sure you get cloth filters you can wash and reuse!)

Cafetiere/French pressCafetiere

Results: a full-bodied, aromatic coffee which can have a more textured consistency depending on the grind you use
Best for: the ideal choice for those who really like to sit and savour their coffee from start to finish as it takes a few minutes to brew but yields a lovely, well-rounded coffee

NB. This is by no means an extensive list of the ways coffee can be brewed but covers the most popular!

My personal faves are my trusty stainless steel cafetiere and my little moka pot from Italy. The cafetiere is perfect for my everyday cuppas (I fill the pot and take a flask to uni/work with me!) and the moka comes out when I fancy something strong and short. The best part? Neither use plastic and they both travel well!

Most coffee shops like to use espresso machines as it’s the quickest method to get you your caffeine, but they also like to make things more complicated by giving us lots of options. Here’s a handy diagram so you can find your perfect fit:


Infographic showing different types of coffee

From Visually.


If you’re a bit coffee lover, opt for quality over quantity! Not only is brewed coffee amazing but it’s stronger than instant and can be a lot cheaper than buying from coffee shops. We recommend making it more of a ritual than a habit if you really want to get the most out of your brew, especially in this colder weather.

I’m sure I’m about 50% coffee this afternoon, but it’s still important to remember caffeine has its pros and cons. While studies suggest coffee can have great health benefits they also tend to agree that any more than 4 a day isn’t so great – life is too short to drink bad coffee!

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