About us

Plastic-free pantry was born from our own desire to reduce the amount of single-use plastic we use and finding it really difficult to do so in our local shops. We could buy loose vegetables but things we love to eat like pasta, dried beans, and spices were all wrapped in single-use plastic films which can’t even be recycled. The final straw for us came when we were walking on the beach and found a plastic tub, the kind used for takeaway salads in supermarkets, washed up on the beach filled with dead shrimp. The shrimp had clearly been inside the tub when the tide came in, and then when the tide went out again leaving the tub behind became stranded in warming water devoid of food. Seeing the destructive nature of single-use plastics firsthand was the final motivator we needed to take real action.

We work with ethical wholesalers and smaller producers to buy in bulk, carefully explaining our aims to them and discussing packaging. Most of the bulk food we purchase comes to us in huge (typically 25kg) heavy duty paper sacks, fabric sacks, or heavy duty plastic sacks which can at least be recycled. When we send it to you we package it in paper or Natureflex which is a plant-based film that breaks down completely in home compost in 12-16 weeks.