About us

Cardboard box filled with producePlastic Free Pantry is a small social enterprise offering whole foods and pantry staples in completely plastic free packaging. We use paper or home compostable plant film called Natureflex to send out our food. We post to all of the UK and were the UK’s first online plastic free food shop. As a social enterprise we are focused not on profit but on reducing the amount of single use plastic littering the planet. We do this by:

1) Reinvesting any profits in to expanding our range of plastic free produce to provide more plastic free options to our customers
2) Buy in the biggest pack sizes and plastic-free where possible. Where plastic-free is not currently possible, work with suppliers to change packaging or seek new sources of produce
3) Provide information and resources to help people in reducing plastic. We’ll be publishing freely accessible information on our website in the coming months to meet this aim
4) Help to clean up existing plastic pollution. We currently do this via our 10for10 programme where we offer a 10% discount in exchange for picking 10 pieces of litter

Our story

We began in 2017 after a visit to a beautiful beach in Lincolnshire. We noticed some litter so picked it up, then the next piece and the next. Soon we were struggling to carry around 30kg of litter off the beach. We decided we had to do something so decided to quit using plastic but found themselves frustrated at the lack of options available in supermarkets – everything is wrapped in plastic! So we started buying in bulk and selling it at their local Food Assembly to help others to shop plastic free too, before launching this UK wide in December 2017.

Our mission

What we want to achieve:

  • To make it easier for people to make better, healthier, and more sustainable choices for themselves and their families
  • To give people the knowledge they need to make these choices

How we’re doing it:

  • We offer healthy whole foods, pantry staples and self-care products to people all over the UK in completely plastic free packaging
  • We are set up as a social enterprise because we believe our values are more important than the money in our back pocket
  • We buy in bulk to minimise packaging and travel miles and constantly reinvest to build the number of products we can offer
  • We buy mostly organic as it’s kinder to the planet and to us, but also offer some non-organic products where organic sources aren’t currently possible so that people still have the option to buy these plastic free
  • We work with the few suppliers that send to us in plastic to totally eliminate plastic from the supply chain
  • We are completely transparent about all aspects of Plastic Free Pantry so that people can make informed choices about what they buy and how it reaches their home
  • We communicate with customers through our newsletters, blog posts and social media to give them the knowledge they need to shop responsibly and to ditch plastic for good
  • We help to fight existing plastic pollution by offering a 10% discount in exchange for picking up 10 pieces of litter through our 10for10 campaign