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A plastic-free Christmas guide

Christmas table

With Christmas only a few weeks away, you’ve still got plenty of time to make sure this year’s celebrations are more beautiful and plastic-free than ever!


If you have an artificial tree, keep on using it as long as possible as they aren’t recyclable. If you’re planning on getting a real one, make sure to get one that has been grown sustainably and put it in your back garden for next year or, if it’s come to the end of it’s life, make sure it gets recycled by your local authority and turned into wood chippings.


Traditionally made of glass, metal, wood, or ceramics, a lot of modern baubles are actually made of plastic so make sure to check the labels, or go one better and make your own gingerbread decorations to hang on the tree. There are lots of options for the rest of the house too if you’re feeling crafty!


Crackers have been a tradition at Christmas since Victorian times – if you don’t want this to change, look for ones made of recycled materials or really impress the family with some homemade, personalised ones.

Small potted Christmas tree on mantelpieceBiscuit tree decorationsCrackers



In the UK alone we send approx. 1 billion cards every Christmas and display them for what, a week at most? If you really must send a card, try making your own – it will mean far more than a shop-bought one.


Handmade gifts like food, scarves, homegrown plants and photos are unbeatable in my opinion! Not everything is easy to make though, so try to shop sustainably if you’re heading to the shops and avoid taking receipts as most are coated with BPA.


More often than not we buy wrapping paper lined with plastic, tape it up with plastic tape and use plastic bows to make our gifts look pretty. If you can’t find any recyclable prints you like, instead go for the classic look and use brown paper, ribbon/string and brown paper tape – you could even cut up and re-purpose old cards to make tags!

Homemade cardJam jarsPresent wrapped in brown paper and string



Shop in bulk as much as possible and take your own containers – you can’t beat homemade though so try making your own Christmas pud and mince pies this year.


Let’s be honest, a lot of us like getting merry on the mulled wine this time of year! Avoid screw caps/bottle tops and buy corked wine bottles, avoid the plastic rings on 6 packs, and stock up on those refills if you have a store near you.


We all like dressing for the occasion so re-wear something you already own, swap with a friend or see what hidden gems are hiding in your local charity/vintage shop. If you’re looking to treat yourself, look for more sustainable fabrics like hemp and bamboo.

Homemade mince piesGirl dressed as Santa

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