Delicious whole foods and pantry staples, completely plastic-free

We’re a small social enterprise who thinks 2025 is not soon enough to quit plastic. Unlike the supermarkets we’re taking action against plastic right now.

We offer whole foods and pantry staples such as rice, pasta, dried fruit, beans, and lentils in paper or home compostable plant film, no plastic in sight.

We also help to clean up communities by offering a 10% discount in exchange for picking 10 pieces of litter.

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Get 10% off your next order when you pick up 10 pieces of litter and share it with us on social media

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Introducing buying groups


By popular demand we now support buying groups. Lots of you are buying as a group already to save on delivery costs. We’ve now made it possible for you to set up a group on our website so that each member can order and pay individually rather than one person having to place and pay

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A plastic-free Christmas guide

Christmas table

With Christmas only a few weeks away, you’ve still got plenty of time to make sure this year’s celebrations are more beautiful and plastic-free than ever! Trees If you have an artificial tree, keep on using it as long as possible as they aren’t recyclable. If you’re planning on getting a real one, make sure to

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Beating the winter blues

Pug wrapped up in a blanket

The days are getting shorter and darker and, despite being used to the glorious British weather, I think more of us suffer from the winter blues than we might like to admit. It can be even harder to get through the day with all of the stuff we’re seeing in the news lately (on that

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